Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration

This article tries to provide a brief description/review of the RH253 classes I attended in March. Since this other session was also organized by Global Knowledge, and it took place in the very same hotel, you can refer to my previous article in case you need some introduction to the topic.


The classes are supposed to be addressed to those who already have a certain degree of familiarity with Linux in general, and Red Hat in particular. Especially, the attendant are expected to have attended the previous class on system administration or at least to have a real life experience administering Linux systems. The Networking and Security Administration class tries to center the attention on setting up the different daemons that are necessary in a network, as well as studying some simple methods to keep a system secured.

The classes: location, material and attendants

Just like in the case of the previous classes, the Networking and Security Administration classes were set up in a local hotel in downtown Minneapolis (the Marquette Hotel). Regarding the material that was waiting for me at the table, it was basically the same (installation guides, notepad, pen, etc.) with one important addition: the Red Hat Powertools and Third Party Applications CD. Yes, all these applications are also available via a download from the FTP server, but you must admit it is sort of nice anyway.
On the other hand, the group of attendants did not change much from that of the first class. It was a mixture of experienced and non-experienced people: a system administrator who worked at the University of Minnesota and who also happened to be an active maintainer of the free DOS package, a couple of people who worked for ISPs, a girl (yes, a girl!) who worked for the IRS in Memphis (surprise, eh?), a MSCE type who worked for a consulting firm that was using Linux more and more... and a Global Knowledge employee who was preparing for the tests, so he could become a trainer himself.


AFS Protocol Spec v1.0

DAFS API Spec v1.0
(235KB PDF)

Reference Implementations