DAFS Collaborative Contributors

The following organizations signed up as contributors to the DAFS Spec development initiative: 1Vision Software; Adaptec; Advanced Storage Array Products; Agilent ; Alcita Technologies ; Aristologic ; ATTO technologies; Bakbone Software; Banderacom; Berg Software Design; BMC Software; Broadband Storage; Brocade Communications; Ciprico; Cisco Systems; Cluster File Systems; CMD Technology; Compaq Computer Corp; ComVault Systems; Congruent Software; Duke University; Earthlink Network; ECCS; Emphora; Emulex; Eurologic Systems; First Internet Alliance; Fujitsu Ltd; Gadzoox Networks; Harvard University; Hewlett Packard; Hyper I/O; IBM; Ikadega; Incipient; Independent Storage Corp; InfiniCon Systems; InfiniSwitch; InfoCruiser; InRAID; Intel Corp; Interphase; JNI; LSI Logic Storage Systems; Mellanox; MPI Software Technologies; MTI Technology; NEC Corp; Network Appliance; Network Engines; Network Storage Solutions; Omegaband; Open Source Asia; Oracle; Orion Consulting; OTG Software; Pirus Networks; Procom Technology; Qlogic; Quest Software; Rhapsody Networks; SAN Experts Facility; Sanera Systems; SANgate Systems; SanLight; Scale Abilities; Seagate Technology; Seek Systems; Sendmail; SINTESI; Solution-Soft; Spinnaker Networks; Texas Memory Systems; Toigo Productions; Troika Networks; University of British Columbia; Update Systems; VALinux; Veltrek; VERITAS Software; Viathan; Vieo Inc; Voltaire; Wipro Technologies; Xyratex; Yotta Yotta; Zerowait Corp.

DAFS on InfiniBand Architecture Demonstrated by DAFS Collaborative at Intel Developer Forum


AFS Protocol Spec v1.0

DAFS API Spec v1.0
(235KB PDF)

Reference Implementations