Direct Access File System (DAFS) Protocol

The DAFS protocol is the latest file-access protocol created to make profit out of new remote direct memory access (RDMA) correlated technologies including: InfiniBand, VI and iWARP. The protocol will drastically boost the performance, credibility and universalism of web farm, compute farm, different commercial and database apps in information-focused environments.

This protocol was designed and developed involving more than 85 companies, creating DAFS collaborative. The first version of DAFS was finished by 2001 and served as an internet draft for IETF.  Later in 2001, DAFS API version was made.

Nowadays the story of DAFS protocol continues with DAT-collaborative which specializes on RDMA transport APIs, and the DAFS Implementers Forum which operates in SNI Association. DAFS IF works towards development and progress of DAFS as well as to create effective network solutions with DAFS storage. This file system is available through secure shell and other shells but mostly remote ones.

The DAFS protocol helps to implement numerous accessible and diverse functions for operating, regulating, reading, writing and syncing files on a server. We are happy to announce that veprof.com is joined DAFS community and is actively use syncing files on a server on their projects.

Besides protocol DAFS API provides session and local resource regulation, notification, flow management, friendly interfaces to refer numerous modes of DAFS data ports and lots of others. These additional features do not change DAFS protocol drastically. It only creates the basement where the protocol can be conveniently directed and practiced by the app programmer.

The DAFS API will also cope with the situation where its server should fulfill client’s inquire to block regulation of flow control.

These impactful characteristics of the DAFS protocol need attentive actualization on the client, and the DAFS API is supposed to essentially realize this task.

Publication date - Mar, 2012