Data Recovery Software

Nowadays computers have become an essential part of our lives. No one can deny the fact that there are so many businesses in the world which are only based on computers which are called e-business (electronic business). So, those businesses which are typically based on e-business, it is very important for them to recover there lost data.

So, it is an interesting question that how we can recover our lost data? First we have to understand that basically, what is the data recovery? It is the course of action of retrieving data that has been lost, broken, abortive, tainted or inaccessible secondary data which can not be retrieving generally. The data has been lost via viruses, hardware or software failure, etc. So, there are so many ways to recover the corrupted or lost data but in these methods the best way to retrieve the lost data is the data recovery software. These soft wares retrieve your 98% lost data. These soft wares are the best tool that can recover your data from your hard drives without any sort of problems or asking questions. You can download these soft wares from internet or you can purchase it easily from the market because they are so cheap and easily available.

If the data that has been lost is very important to you and your business so you can easily retrieve it via using the data recovery soft wares or you can hire data recovery professionals which can simply recuperate your lost data as soon as possible.


AFS Protocol Spec v1.0

DAFS API Spec v1.0
(235KB PDF)

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