DAFS Working Groups

The DAFS Collaborative established several technical working groups to focus on specific aspects of the DAFS specification:
File System Working Group
High Availability Working Group (later folded into FS WG)
APIs Working Group
Transport Working Group

With the completion of the DAFS Collaborative charter (publication of v1.0 of the DAFS Protocol Spec), the DAFS-related technical work which originated in these working groups is migrating to other venues.

The FS and HA working groups concentrated on defining v1.0 functionality for the protocol spec. We will continue to discuss post-v1.0 DAFS Protocol enhancements on the dafs-discussions reflector and transition this activity into the IETF as a DAFS Working Group. Mark Wittle continues to lead this effort.

Continued progress on the definition of platform-independent transport APIs for RDMA-networks is happening in the context of the DAT Collaborative. This initiative derived from the DAFS Transport Working Group requirement for transport independent APIs which fully leverage the capabilities of next-generation RDMA transports such as InfiniBand and iWARP. For more details about this initiative, see www.DATcollaborative.org.

The DAFS Implementers Forum in the Storage Networking Industry Association will be reviewing requirements for enhancements to the v1.0 DAFS API Spec. This is a small part of its charter to foster and grow an ecosystem of vendors dedicated to the marketing and delivery of interoperable DAFS-based storage networking solutions. For more information or to participate in the DAFS Implementers Forum, follow the Forums/DAFS Implementers links from www.SNIA.org.


AFS Protocol Spec v1.0

DAFS API Spec v1.0
(235KB PDF)

Reference Implementations