TROIKA's Zentai Controller™ and SAN Command™ Management Software

TROIKA's Zentai Controller and SAN Command management software meet the needs of today's data centers which house multiple operations that each require different protocols to function—storage operations using SCSI, distributed application such as backup using IP and emerging application networking and clustering functions using VI. TROIKA's Zentai Controller goes beyond basic multi-protocol functionality with built-in support for dynamic multipathing, quality of service features, automatic discovery and firmware upgrades under load.

The Zentai Controller offers unprecedented software management capabilities with its integrated SAN Command management software, providing simplified administration of resources network-wide through a graphical interface for users to easily configure, monitor and control Zentai Controllers and Fibre Channel networks. SAN Command provides administrators with crucial insight into their storage network, including the ability to view device asset information, monitor and display connected devices real-time, diagnose and debug network conditions and connections and adjust I/O processing to dramatically reduce CPU overhead.

Additionally, TROIKA's Zentai Controller includes Path Command™ and optional Path Command™ Plus software that can be managed through SAN Command, providing users of Zentai controllers with automated and transparent FCP-SCSI path failover/failback capabilities. Multiple paths are available for re-routing data during failover, and failback does not require human intervention. TROIKA's Path Command software provides dynamic load balancing, which instantly and automatically selects the best data path based on current traffic conditions. The 'Set-and-Forget™' capability provides a dynamic implementation environment which, once set up, self-manages for greater efficiency, and the powerful built-in intelligence provides automated, efficient use of resources with its intelligent use of policy-based management, including full load balancing and dynamic path affinity.

TROIKA is headquartered at 2829 Townsgate Road, Westlake Village, Calif. 91361 and the main phone number is (805) 371-1377. More information about TROIKA and its products is available at www.TroikaNetworks.com.


AFS Protocol Spec v1.0

DAFS API Spec v1.0
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