Troika Networks Executives DAFS VI

VI was developed to provide a single standard interface for clustering and application networking, improving CPU utilization and drastically reducing response time at the application level. VI over Fibre Channel (FC-VI), combines the prominent technology for implementing storage networks, with an industry-standard method for interconnecting computers in clusters, enabling the development of a reliable, scalable, high-availability infrastructure necessary to support e-applications. Fibre Channel also provides more flexibility and greater distances between servers and storage, enabling the implementation of distributed data centers.

TROIKA was the first company to deliver a solution using VI, based on industry standards, leveraging the existing infrastructure of storage devices and interconnects in a trusted, reliable method of network transport. Additionally, TROIKA is the only company providing a complete implementation of the VI architecture, incorporating both write and read direct memory access (DMA).

"Because TROIKA's solution utilizes industry-standard components for storage access, backup and clustering, consumers will be able to leverage the investment they make in Fibre Channel SANs today and will immediately be able to take advantage of DAFS when it becomes available," said Edmonds.

About Troika Networks

TROIKA is driving the convergence of storage networking and clustering for e-business applications. TROIKA is a fast growing private company offering intelligent controllers and configuration management software providing essential elements for designing and building Fibre Channel based clusters, server and storage networks. TROIKA's product strategy is targeted at simplifying storage networking and clustering throughout the enterprise with a unified, standards-based infrastructure.


AFS Protocol Spec v1.0

DAFS API Spec v1.0
(235KB PDF)

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